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Originally Posted by ItsJustMe View Post
I use my mirrors a lot when driving. If there's someone coming up behind me, even fairly far away, I try to estimate when they'll be up to me and I slightly adjust my speed if necessary to be able to not be in their way when they reach me. I also want to know who is behind me because (as every driver is SUPPOSED to) I always have at the back of my head a map of where the cars around me are so that if there's an emergency I know where I can bail out to. If I slam on the brakes can I swerve left or should I swerve right? Depends on whether there's a car there or nearly there.

Originally Posted by kickstart View Post
Well said,
Professional drivers are taught to check their mirrors every 4 to 6 seconds to be aware of their environment. part of "get the big picture", and "leave yourself an out".
Well said too, kickstart. Im an avid mirror advocate, and I wear both left and right. Your quote spotlights the essential difference between the continuous monitoring of rearward upcoming traffic facilitated by a rearview mirror vs the occasional over the shoulder check.

I emphasize that need for monitoring in Jims Law of the Road:No matter how well-paved or lightly traveled the Road, a vehicle is likely to pass you on the left as you encounter an obstacle on the right.
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