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50-39-30 to 53-39-30 followed by shifting problems

I have a Trek 2.1, 2009, with Tiagra brifters and a Tiagra front derailleur. My original 50 tooth chainring was very worn and slightly bent, so I decided to replace it with a 53. I had to raise the derailleur slightly to get the outer plate to clear the new chainring. Got everything back together and now the shifting is not working right. This particular brifter has 4 indexes, one for the small ring, 2 for the middle ring (to use on the larger then smaller cogs on the 9 speed cassette) and then one for the big ring. I can shift up to the big ring, but then 4 out of 5 times have to push the indexer pretty hard to get it to shift back down. When it does, it flies down to the small ring. Shifting back up to the middle (both indexes) then big is almost there but still kind of sloppy. I'm worried about snapping the cable when shifting off of the big ring and I would like it to go straight to middle like it's supposed to.

Couple of my (very amateur) thoughts on what the issue might be -
one, the cable basically started unraveling when I disconnected it. I did my best to get it back together again before reconnecting it .. it feels tight to me, but wondering if I've lost some tension now. Plus since I raised the derailleur, part of the smashed cable that was clamped is now below the bolt.
two, when I moved the clamp up to fit over the new ring, I may have spun it in one direction or another. Not having done this much I don't know what effect misaligned plates might have. I tried to align it with the chain on the middle cog and middle ring and it looks straight to me, but ....

Has anyone else had a similar problem with this setup or have any suggestions? Very much appreciate any tips.
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