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I think the last 3 posters here have summed up the problem. I was not able to find the exact model number, all it says is Tiagra Triple. But looking at the specs of similar derailleurs, the limits are 50 teeth and a range of 20 like squirtdad pointed out.
I replaced the cable and that did make the indexing smoother and tighter, but ran into the same basic problems. I feel like I came close a couple of times, but as dsbrantjr predicted, the curvature and angle of the cage seemed to not want to let everything line up. Finally I noticed that the old ring says 50-39-30 on it, while the new one says 53-39. Live and learn I guess.
rmfnla, yes a more experienced hand is probably needed. I'm guessing if I go to my LBS I'll be told to either go back to a 50 or get a new derailleur and possibly other parts. And I'll most likely have to pay for that advice plus the parts. I'm just going to go back to the exact same one I am trying to replace. At the very least, my hands are more experienced now than they were yesterday
Not out of the woods yet because I still have to put the derailleur back in the right position when I do get the correct chainring on there....
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