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Originally Posted by sjjone
no, they're not. Read the label, if the first ingredient is not "whole wheat flour," put it back on the shelf and walk directly to the kashi section.

There are more common or domestic grains than wheat. Examples are oats and corn. Whole grain is nothing more than grain that has not been bleached or the fiber removed after milling, I believe. Whole grain will have roughly 4 grams of fiber/serving it seems from my observations. High fiber cereal seems to be 'doped' with additional fiber.

I'm a lover of cold cereal for breakfast. I was having to give it up because some 10 or more years ago they started putting trans-fats and corn syrup in them. The trans-fats are there to give that rich, smooth taste of fat that everybody loves. Corn syrup because the Federal government subsidizes corn production and maintains a minimum-price ceiling on sugar by guaranteeing to buy sugar if the price drops below a certain level. In other words, because of government intervention, corn syrup is a lot cheaper than sugar.

I was 'saved' by the organic movement since most organic cereals are not only whole grain, but also don't have the bad stuff. Surprisingly, they don't cost all that much more than the regular stuff. Publix is the only source in my area.

By the way, it's now been established that whole grain oats do tend to lower Cholesterol some ( a little) as claimed.

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