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Still cannot figure out why indoor trainer wrecks my knees...HELP!

I'm beginning my 4th year of being a "roadie"...beginning last year, my indoor trainer has simply wrecked my knees. So bad, in fact, that this winter, I gave up on it. Sadly, this has had disastrous results and no I find myself starting over in my riding progress having lost so much. I got on the trainer last week for the firs time since Nov '14 and just two sessions in, I am right back in the pain that took months to subside when I quit riding in November.

I'll tell the facts and problems and hopefully anyone here can lend some advice because I just figure it out.

2012 Specialized Tarmac 5700 105 52/39 front gearing, 11-28 rear.
Kurt Kinetic "rock n roll" trainer
Kurt leveling ring, bike left in level position, no tilt.
designated trainer tire/wheel
SPD SL pedals, Sidi Wire shoes.
professional fit jan 2014.

Only after trainer use, same setup on the road and I am perfectly fine. After a few trainer sessions the pain in my knees becomes severe. Sharp pain behind the bottom area of the knee cap, dead center. Especially bad when walking up stairs.

Very mild. 80rpm @ 15.5 mph for the duration. Occasional one click shift to a 80rpm @ 17 mph but that is 60 second intervals a few times during the session. 40 min sessions tops, no out of saddle or hard grinding.

I just don't get it. The effort I put out is easy compared to road riding. I can go do a 1, 2, 3+ hr ride and have no ill effects. 40 min on that trainer and I am screwed for weeks (like I a now...rode the trainer on Sat...still in pain). I wear the same shoes, the same shorts...sit in the same position and even though my effort is much less than on the road, it kills the knees.

In the past few years, I've been very successful at diagnosing and correcting my issues but this one still stumps me no matter what I do.

Any advice would be superb, this is really driving me nuts...

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