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Just thoughts from personal experience, and no guarantee of applicability:

1. I find it very easy to have crappy form on the trainer, meaning rounded back and sitting more upright. This can have the effect of pulling you forward in the saddle, changing the fit relationship from saddle to cranks. There is a great deal of argument over whether KOPS means anything to anyone, but I personally suffer knee pain if I get my knee in front of the pedal spindle.

2. There is no road impact, so it is harder to tell (at least for me) if I am sitting in my normal riding spot on the saddle. On the road, you know instantly if you are in the wrong spot, on the trainer not so much.

3. If you are pedalling lightly on the trainer, you might be going heel up or heel down differently than you do on the road. Take a video of yourself from the side, and see if you are using different ankle motions. Changing your ankle position from the norm changes your effective leg length and knee position.

4. Don't look down when you ride. Look ahead, like you would on the road. This flattens your back, and lengthens out your torso, reach, and pushes back seat position.

Just opinions, and they may all be off base. Disregard at your leisure.

Edit: I also stand alot more on the road, and have to remind myself to do it on the trainer, just to keep loads similar.
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