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Originally Posted by Smokehouse View Post
Only after trainer use, same setup on the road and I am perfectly fine.
I get the same thing -- though perhaps not as severe. Most trainers have much less crank inertial load than riding on the road. What this means is that trainers change speed much quicker (both spinning up and slowing down) than on the road. Some people (me, and possibly you) are more sensitive to changes in crank inertial load than others, and it changes the way they pedal. In order to get the same inertial loading I experience on the road I tend to pull back and up a bit more on the trainer -- at least, I think I do. Anyway, my knees often feel a bit more tender after a trainer workout even if my overall power was less and the workout was shorter than on the road.

[Edited to add:] BTW, there is one situation on the road where you experience low inertial load as you do on a trainer: when you're in a very low gear climbing a moderately steep hill. So does that bother your knees, even when you're going slow and at low power (the speeds you're riding at on your trainer indicate that the power is low)? If so, that's a clue that your pedaling may be sensitive to low crank inertial load.

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