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@cpg: I'll see when the pin will be pull out of the hinge, but I also thought to enlarge the hole and put a bigger pin, as the material is rather oversize. It seems that a good 8mm screw can support 300kg in shearing, it's rather large. A 10mm must be better of course, but it's large for the hinge...

Good idea to try first to cut 1 time and pull the pin, if welding don't work I guess i'll try this with dremel.
@jur: for the moment i can't close tightly the hinge, I don't know if it's cause of the play around the axle or the vise which have problems too... The adjustment screw is totally screwed.
Put something as a wedge is an idea too, but I will not trust rubber to do that, too soft. Eventually a little sheet of aluminium or steel, screwed, but it's not totally trustfull for me ...
I haven't see any screw in the central part, but I'll look again. However it's the role of the little screw down of the axle (see picture in 1st post, the smashed screw...).

Thanks a lot for your valuable help !
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