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i also noticed that the 23" did not match with the 55.4 cm but assumed that the cm was correct... not really sure why. with pics it does look like a very well kept bike - id be thinking its worth $350 or so. ( one is for sale locally at that.. though yours looks slightly better)

i'd go see it, give it a ride and see what you think. I do pretty much exclusively city riding (in san francisco.. so its not an easy city) and I agree that its not a noob bike: but, if you are thinking to ride light with a small pack - don't mind getting dirty on the ride and cleaning yourself (and the bike) at the end.. and want something easy to pack up and down stairs etc - it looks like a good choice to me.

but: since you admit no preference for vintage bikes: I'd be remiss not to say that for city riding.. its much more convenient to have brifters(STI). they allow you to never take the hands from the bars/brakes while shifting- which makes for much smoother transitions from stop lights etc.

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