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Originally Posted by prooftheory View Post
People say this and it is intuitively true but they never seem to be able to articulate how the handling will change. I'm too dumb to reason it out. Raising or lowering the front by by 2 mms doesn't seem that significant.
Basically it will change the headtube angle by raising or lowering the front of the bike. Small changes probably won't be noticed but it's impossible to guess on the interwebs. The best way to describe how it changes it what it does to the trail. Trail is the end result of the head tube angle, fork rake, and axel to crown. Less trail and you need more handlebar input to turn (the lean has less effect on establishing the turn) and more trail needs less (or no ) handlebar input.

Hope this is clear.
I'm not one for fawning over bicycles, but I do believe that our bikes communicate with us, and what this bike is saying is, "You're an idiot." BikeSnobNYC
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