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Wheel building, tension too high?


I have a high drive side tension 1.8mm round spoke indicate 24-25 on the park tool TM-1 which is 148 kgf for 24 and 167 for 25...!
The non drive side is going around 17-18 which is 70-77 kgf.

I am building the BDOP DIY allow kit and he recommend 110-115 on the drive side.

Originally Posted by Bob Dopolina View Post
This is another topic that can become hotly debated. For a rider of your size I would shoot for around 95~100kgf on the front and 110~115kgf on the RR drive side. The RR NDS spokes will work themselves out.

These are based on recommendations from Sapim. The rims are fine with that, and more. The hubs don't have a limit (at least not one that has ever come up in 7+ years).
The wheel is nearly perfect in term of alignment (lateral and radial), it moves around 1mm at some places, the tension is pretty even on the NDS & DS. The hub is almost perfectly centered, a tad more tension on the driving side would bring the hub in the middle but the tension is already high...
I am just concerned with the tension. I compared the DS (drive side) tension with other rear wheels and it is very high. My R500 shimano have a 2.0mm round steel spokes and they hit 28 (173kgf).
I wonder if I should reduce the tension and if so how to properly adjust the wheel. Only way to reduce the DS tension is to reduce the NDS and it's already somewhat low...
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