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Originally Posted by FBinNY View Post
While I wouldn't have built to a tension that high, I wouldn't change anything now.

If I did anything, I might back off the tension about 5% as a form of stress relief, but that decision would rest on things like how hard nipples are to turn, how much spoke twist I was seeing, and if any nipples were start to round off from the wrench. If you go that route, do the left spokes first, so the rights are getting worked on at the lower tension.

The main issue with excess tension is rim stress, and the risk of premature stress cracking at the spoke holes. How much that's a concern depends on the rims, and the wall thickness at the holes.

The other issue is that overly tensioned wheels are more prone to becoming potato chips, and this risk depends on the lateral stiffness of the rim. Modern rims tend to be stiffer than years ago, so the risk isn't as high as it might be.

One of my key rules in wheel building is the same as in making bread ---Don't overwork the dough. This is why I opened with the suggestion to leave it as is unless you had a compelling reason to change it.
I like your analogy.
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