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Originally Posted by FLJeepGuy View Post
Careful with that question as it generally leads into an argument of a religious nature....

Most folks have personal favorites, however, there are several that come up more often than others, Boeshield T-9 and Tri-Flow for example. I personally use these two, and ProGold ProLink chain lube as I've had good results, but there are many others that will work as well.

Stay away from WD-40 as it works more as a solvent than a lubricant. It's great for cleaning, breaking free stuck parts, etc., but should not be used for lubrication purposes.
Thanks. But the core of my question is: is it one lubricant (i.e. ProGold) for all those parts (brake cables, brake pivots, cogs, Crank, RD, FD etc)?
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