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I had an identical type of puncture on my first group ride long ago. Worse yet, it was a brand new Specialized Turbo S tire (a lot of money for me at the time). The flat happened out US 27 in south Florida, the middle of nowhere, and my patches weren't enough to repair the flat. A fisherman coming back from an early morning of fishing gave me a ride back to town, and I put in a new tube, booting it with my last dollar bill. I rode the bike a few more months until getting another puncture, by then the tire was worn out anyway. I thought about using the dollar bill to buy something to drink, but it had glued itself to the tire, and came off in small pieces.

You can probably get more life out of the tire, but booting it, or repairing it in some other way will leave it slightly out-of-round, with a high spot, or a low spot. Replace the tire when you can.
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