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Originally Posted by Bob Dopolina View Post
I was going to chime in but it seems like it's all been covered.

There will always be a drop in tension when tire/ tubes are installed and inflated. If you had a significant drop my first assumption would gave been spoke wind up which is dealt with through stress relief.

Get you tool back on there and bump the tension back up. The wheel is round and straight so you've already won that battle. The rest us just fine tuning.
Depends how big the drop was.

Originally Posted by mooder View Post
Thanks guys for the replies. Putting the tire on the front dropped significantly the spoke tension!
I did not expect to be that much!
It should drop it a bit with clinchers that is measurable but not much more than 0.5-1 index points on the Park tool IME....that being said running tubeless clinchers lowers the spoke tension a bit more than tubed clinchers. It happens and is normal.

Either way, unless there's a real need to worry about it....spokes popping....don't sweat it.
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