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The sports you mention aren't apples-to-apples comparisons. The instance of contact is higher in hockey or football. The speeds are waaaay higher in motor sports. BMX and downhilling and NFL are short-burst events where the weight of body armour isn't a significant penalty (and I could get into why NFL body armour is a safety negative, but won't right now).

Rugby players don't wear body armour because even though they have to collide with each other violently on a regular basis, they have to do it while constantly running for 80 minutes (usually 40-50 mins of ball-in-play time). Cyclists have nothing like that level of contact, and are cycling for a lot longer before they get to that sprint finish.

Besides which, body armour would not prevent shoulder dislocations like Contador's or broken arms like Colli, which happen when a joint or limb gets bent in ways it's not supposed to. The most you can realistically hope for is to limit the road rash. Helmets are a different story because they go on top of the head and they protect the brain, but to cover the whole body is logistically unrealistic until someone can develop breathable, lightweight, aerodynamic, padded clothing.
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