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Originally Posted by hack View Post
Looks like mr Bike World liked the wheel you were on and decided he'd take it. As a learning tool, you could pull a few of those guys aside and practice some bumping drills. In your video, you're basically in a race scenario and bumping drills go a long way in staying safe in a race. Take three of your good best bike riding buddies (wear shoddy kits), go out to a nice big grassy area and while riding slowly at first, bump eachother. Bump shoulders, hips, bars, etc. You will crash doing this, so do it on grass. Get comfortable making contact and reacting to contact, learning how to counter balance your weight, and so on. With that level of comfort, as mr Bike World comes into you, you'd have have the ability to lean back in on him to not only preserve you spot on that wheel, but also keep yourself from hitting the deck.

edit: search posts by @carpediemracing as he'll have plenty of stuff (writeups and video) on contact comfort.
Thanks for the direction. I'm working on my bike control during the week. No hands, communication, close quarters, bumping shoulder to shoulder with friends. I'm really good about being aware of my surroundings and not taking someones spot and holding my line, almost to a fault because some people like to take your wheel. I wasn't prepared to be pushed so hard from my spot. I've been nudged before and have put my shoulder out to absorb a nudge but I have to see it coming. But like I said I'm nowhere near race level, I just wanted to push myself safely in a spirited sprint.. I really hope he didn't do that on purpose and he just forgot to check his side. I can handle a nudge-like incidental contact but not that. If he would have accelerated into the spot in stride I would have seen him coming and conceded the spot but I was surprised.
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