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1970s Azuki Japanese Road Bike

Hello all. I've been lurking for some time now trying to get up to speed on various aspects of bicycles and other associated things. Lots of great information here!

I have come to the conclusion that while I would love to jump onto Bikesdirect and blow a wad of cash, my needs are quite basic and wallet quite empty. I am mainly looking to commute around a college campus with a few hills here and there. From what I can gather in other threads, an old road bike gotten on the cheap is the usual advice and I think I agree. I am handy with tools, and I have a reasonably complete set of them.

I found this old Azuki which kind of looks interesting:

Do you think it's worth offering the guy $20 or so to have a fixer upper, or will I just end up spending big bucks on replacement parts and riding a pile of regret? I really appreciate the input.
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