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Its small- how tall are you? Make sure you are looking for bikes that will fit.
It needs a lot. New tires- $30, tubes(probably)- $15, brake pads- $12.

Probably new cabling and housing is needed- $20 for brake and shift. That saddle is most likely bad even if its in good shape- $20.
The headset, hubs, and bottom bracket will need to be fully serviced since based on the condition that hasn’t happened in years(decades?). That $6 in grease and a few hours of cleaning and packing.

The wheels look like they don’t match. If you don’t care, cool, but if they wobble you should take them in to be trued at a shop- $0 to $20.

That would most likely get it to riding condition(once the drop bar is repositioned properly).

The seatpost and handlebars are most likely steel. Replacing them isnt necessary, but would cut maybe a pound of weight, if that’s something you also want to tackle.

Its probably $100+ and some sweat equity before the bike is in good condition to ride well and reliably.
If you were to buy the bike, I would suggest just tearing it completely down and cleaning everything since you will already need to take apart half of it for servicing. Just take a lot of pictures so you know what goes where and how.

It could be a good learning bike, if you enjoy the process of fixing it.

Know what sized you need first.
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