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The rear is spaced to 130mm, I believe it's a 91 model. The hub is a 130mm HG (but UG compatible) 600 Tri-Color. To my surprise, there were no spacers behind the cassette.

The hubs are in working condition, but I can buy a new wheelset with modern Open Pros, Shimano 6800 hub, of decent build quality (according to reviews) for what it would cost for me to have wheels rebuilt around the hubs (in the 200ish euro range). I love my Eddy, but I don't want to spend $800 on a new wheelset with old parts, I'm not that much of a purist geek

My concern is putting 6.5mm of spacers behind the cassette. Is that an invitation to tragedy? Maybe I'd be better served putting an 8 or 9 speed hub on there and switching my DT shifters to friction mode (since apparently 10 and 11 don't play nice, according to bikemig)?
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