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Originally Posted by cthenn View Post
There should also be a reworking of the KOM jersey. It's usually gobbled up by some random person who sets out on a very mountainous day to take a ton of points on the early climbs of the stage. It should be HEAVILY weighted toward the final climb or two. I remember when Richard Virenque would pick his one stage and ride off in front, gathering a ton of points, then not even try for the win on the final climb. He won the jersey multiple times in a row doing this, and it means nothing.
They made the problem you point out much worse by limiting the number of riders who get point on each climb. Now a small break going out and doing what yuo describe on just one (high number of climbs) day is almost enough for the KOM. The big winner that day just has to do decently after that.

If more riders got points the real climbers would still be getting points leading the other elite riders over the top of the intermediate climbs and at the finish while the cherry pickers would still likely get shut out at the end of the stage. (Or if not have to work hard to pick up their points at the stage end, and the is still better than now). And since there are usually 2 or 3 days with lots of climbs it would even out. riders picking up 20-25 points a climb compared to 10-15 for the guys in the main group don't fare as well if next big set it is a different group of cherry pickers and the rest again fighting for those 10-15 points.

It might still well go to someone who makes a base on one day, but he will need to either do that 2 or 3 times or pick up significant placing when not off the front.
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