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If you're fine with 7 speeds, and it seems like you are, I would simply re-lace the hubs to new rims and fresh spokes (but I build my own wheels.) This way you can keep all the equipment on your bike and keep the period correct hubs. You can even get some period correct rims if it makes you happy.

You won't have any issues putting a 7-speed cassette on an 11-speed freehub body but you will have a wheel that is dished far more than necessary and substantially weaker than your 7S 130mm wheel. I would not go this route. In my opinion an Eddy Merckx "deserves" a nice wheelset and throwing a cheap 11S wheelset on there with a 7S cassette is a hack way to do it. If nothing else, at least keep the original wheels in case you ever sell the bike.
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