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Originally Posted by Hls2k6 View Post
P.S. I know this is going to offend you, but I can't help it. Do you honestly think that incessantly and, by the sound of it, randomly yelling "hold your line" throughout the whole race is making anyone ride more safely?!
Oh believe me, I have a whole rant on the "hold your line" B.S. yelling that I can launch into whenever you want. It was among many things that me and my pal mattio (@queerpunk around the BF-osphere) talked about in a podcast episode here: WHBP #10 - Divebombers Gonna Divebomb ? Standard Double. In short, "hold your line" is meaningless non-advice generally yelled by the self-important know-it-all Cat 4s (and 5s... and some 3s... and pretty much any category from time to time) who think they are the bike riding gods among men of the Tour de Parking Lot peloton.
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