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Suntour ARX vs Cyclone Rear Derailleurs - Will I Notice A Difference?

The ARX Suntour rear derailleur on my '85 Nishiki Riviera seems to shift sloppily. I do have a new Shimano 6 speed freewheel, new chain, and the ARX has been disassembled, cleaned & lubed. New cables & housings. I've had this bike a couple of years and like it a lot, but the drivetrain in the rear is noisier than on my other bikes of similar ilk. I'm using Suntour ratcheted bar end shifters and it just seems like finding the right cog is not easy. While in contrast, my '83 Miyata Mixte has a Suntour Cyclone Mark II rd as well as a Suntour freewheel (6 speed), new chain, cables/housings, etc. and shifts quickly, confidently and as I pedal along is silent.

So 2 issues with the first setup:

- shifting lacks ...something. Hard time finding the cog. I've used ratcheted shifters/friction on other applications, so I don't think it's my technique. Derailleur? Freewheel?

- noisier drive train just pedaling along.

I'm gonna remove the ARX & install the 1st generation Cyclone and see if there's a difference.

Opinions? Thoughts? I know the Cyclone is about 10 years older than the vintage of the bike, so might not "go" with the overall aesthetics of an '85 but I'm also hoping for improved function.
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