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Originally Posted by 79pmooney View Post
Those are two of my favorite derailleurs of all time. Your difficulties with the ARX do not match my experience with that RD. Look carefully at the ARX setup. Is the cable running freely? Housings in good shape. Has play developed n the derailleur /cage pivot? The idler pulleys?

I would expect the Cyclone to shift a little quicker and be a little less smooth.

Is your FW a Hyperglide? I put one on last winter and found it shifts so easily that any errors centering the RD made for unplanned shifts. It is my opinion that it is really not well suited for friction/ratchet shifting and left for accurate index systems.

I had read that same thing before. I could certainly blame user error, however I've had ratcheted friction shifters and do have (down tube power ratchet shifters) on another bike and when I shift on that other bike (Full Suntour setup), there's a positive "clunk" when the chain gets to the cog.

Currently on bike in question it's a SunRace 6 speed ramped/pinned freewheel. I have a Suntour 6 speed that I may put on as it would be easier than changing out the derailleur. I'll report back so see if there's a difference with the Suntour freewheel, and keeping the current ARX derailleur. If no difference, then will swap derailleurs. This bike was all original when I bought it. I've kept all of the stock parts in case I want to put it back.
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