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Well, looking at my Cyclone it looks like it has the wrong mounting bolt. If you look at the one on Velobase on the backside it has that slotted washer to allow the upper pivot to move. Mine does not have that kind. It just has bolt with threads on it. Did they make them differently?
VeloBase.com - Component: SunTour Cyclone GT

UPDATE: Didn't make a bit of difference regarding what derailleur was on it. I reinstalled the original one, but have kept the Suntour (date code dd for April '87) so at least it's era specific. On the stand there is definitely a positive feeling & sound of the chain settling onto the cog and the chain seems to "settle" onto the desired cog more quickly and with "decision" if that makes any sens.

Thanks for the suggestions and information.

As a side note, I replaced the Vittoria Voyager Hyper 700 x 35 with Pasela PT 700 x 28 just to see what a 28 would feel like (haven't ridden yet). I usually always go with 32. Anyway we all know how tight the Paselas are to mount. I have had MULTIPLE pinch flats while mounting these tires. Very frustrating. I may go with slightly smaller tube, like maybe 700 x 25 vs my current 700 x 28-32. On the upside is that I'm getting a crash course in flat repair!
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