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I was using Suntour SHIFTER housing, but I have in the past, used general (brake) housing for friction only systems. So basically what I'm hearing is the chain going through the guide & tension pulleys. I disassembled the pulleys, and despite the fact that they weren't dirty (because I had already disassembled & lubed a year ago) I cleaned and used Phil Wood Tenacious oil on all, reassembled. It's a little quieter now. I think it's just the normal sound of this particular derailleur. It's not terribly loud, but it's completely silent either. There is no play in the rivets of the parallelogram part. Bike was all original and looked to be rarelly ridden.

Shifting with the Suntour freewheel has GREATLY improved vs the Sunrace ramped/pinned freewheel. I shift and the chain knows right where to go and it solidly "clunks" into place. Those of you who use Suntour will recognize the positive feel & sound I'm referring to. @79pmooney referred to this.
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