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Originally Posted by Wheels Of Steel View Post
You're using 5 mm derailleur housing and ferrules, yes?
Definitely yes on the ferrules. I am using the type of housing where the thin wires inside run parallel with each other along the length of the housing. Not the coiled brake housing. I know that with friction systems you can use the coiled type of housing, and don't necessarily require compressionless.

Anyway the problem is solved with Suntour freewheel, which simply give me a more positive feedback when the chain is where it's supposed to be. With the Sunrace, it's not that something with it was wrong, but I never felt like I "knew" exactly when it was on the cog. I couldn't hear or feal a definite seating​ of the chain onto the cog. The Suntour freewheel gives me both audible as well as tactile feedback.
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