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Originally Posted by mozad655 View Post
Noone is endagering your life. You are endangering your own life by blocking the road. This provokes dangerous and desperate overtakings. 2+2=4.
This is called blaming the victim. Like when a woman is raped because she was "asking for it" by wearing a skirt.

Originally Posted by mozad655 View Post
And they will when they see that there is not enough room. But your certainly not helping the problem by blocking the road and making that assesment for them. They are driving, they know their vehicles and they have the full angle. Blocking the road is never the solution. Always ride on the far right.
This is not safe nor legally required.

Originally Posted by mozad655 View Post
The fact that they honked at you suggests that there was enough room for both of you. You were blocking the road and they honked. It is understandable. What if it was a motorcycle behind you? Blocking the road is never acceptable. If there is very little room then you should still ride on the far right and they will see that there is no room. But if your expecting a 2 meter gap, then maybe this is the problem..
So...motorists who make irrational and dangerous passes at speed should be the best judge of whether there's enough room to safely share the road with a cyclist? It's funny that you say that cyclists aren't capable of making the assessment about whether taking the lane is appropriate but a road-raged driver is.
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