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Originally Posted by mozad655 View Post
1. I agree that it is very rare seeing a cyclist taking the lane. Fortunately most cyclists ride on the far right as close to the curb as possible, thus making room for faster vehicles on the road. The problem of dangerous overtakings is as infrequent as cyclists who block the road.
Regardless of lane position, I get at least a couple of close passes on every commute and the occasional screaming, honking, or truly aggressive/threatening move. So by my own experience, dangerous overtakings are a lot more frequent than cyclists taking the lane for extended time.

2. Driving behind a slow road block for possibly miles after mile, is beyond patience. We are not talking about 10-50 meters here. The cyclist should not be blocking the road to begin with. Traffic cannot stop when someone is blocking the road.[/QUOTE]

Just to be clear, it doesn't stop, though it may slow. Your choice of words betrays a bit of bias. Nevertheless, I have never seen this phenomenon. Have you actually witnessed this?
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