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Originally Posted by mozad655 View Post
Your not a victim just because your vehicle is delicate and your life is more threatened in case of an accident. This is the nature of your vehicle. It does not automatically make you a victim.
When a driver recklessly endangers a much smaller, lighter, slower cyclist or pedestrian, what do you call it?

Originally Posted by mozad655 View Post
It is the safest option and in my part of the world blocking the road is against the law for any vehicle. A cyclist is not above the law.

Cyclists who make irrational and dangerous road blocks are more unqualified to make assesment of where a car can fit in or can't. Just because your the one injured in case of an accident, does not give you the right to make decisions on behalf of other road users, by blocking the road. Again, this is the nature of your vehicle and if you can't live with the increased danger, then you shoudn't ride at all.
So-called "road blocks" aren't dangerous until a driver does something illegal, stupid, and reckless.

Originally Posted by mozad655 View Post
It certainly doesn't give you more rights over other road users.
Yet here you are strenuously arguing that drivers have more rights than cyclists to use the road.
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