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Originally Posted by mozad655 View Post
1. I agree that it is very rare seeing a cyclist taking the lane. Fortunately most cyclists ride on the far right as close to the curb as possible, thus making room for faster vehicles on the road. The problem of dangerous overtakings is as infrequent as cyclists who block the road.
You provide some very questionable opinions here and pose them as facts which they definitely are not. In most civilized countries where sharing the road between various types of road vehicles is the norm (as opposed to roads for motor vehicles being segregated from bike paths), the general consensus is that riding towards the very far right (in right-hand traffic) is actually much more dangerous than taking the lane when that becomes necessary. Being both a cyclist and a driver, I can vouch for this 100%. As a driver, whenever a cyclist has taken the lane, I can spot them immediately and moderate my speed and distance in such a way as not to go anywhere close to them, as well as be able to pass them safely when the opportunity arises. However, it has happened to me to closely follow traffic in a somewhat congested setting only to find myself passing a completely invisible cyclist riding in the gutter at probably a 0.5m distance. I never had the chance to see him since by riding so much further to the right, he was practically encouraging all the traffic in my own lane to pass him like he's some sort of stationary object. In such cases I always find myself praying that the guy won't suddenly hit a pothole or lose balance. And in such cases I do really hurry up and try to get in front as fast as possible since I don't want to take the risk of being the one to hit that guy who is wobbling left and right just an arm's length from me.

To sum it up, yes, OP is right. Cyclists do encourage dangerous passing by assuming such a weak road position. As long as you are using the road, you should behave like a driver of a vehicle and do what other drivers expect from any other vehicle.
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