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Originally Posted by vatdim View Post
... the general consensus is that riding towards the very far right (in right-hand traffic) is actually much more dangerous than taking the lane when that becomes necessary. Being both a cyclist and a driver, I can vouch for this 100%. As a driver, whenever a cyclist has taken the lane, I can spot them immediately and moderate my speed and distance in such a way as not to go anywhere close to them, as well as be able to pass them safely when the opportunity arises.
That's very true on the rural roads around here. Cyclists hugging the right tend to disappear in the shadows of the trees, whereas they're much easier to spot from a distance in the center of the road. On roads with a lot of turns and small hills, you'll generally see the cyclist in the lane from a distance that allows you to prepare for the fact that he may be just around the turn. You don't know the cyclist hugging the right exists until you come around the turn.
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