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Originally Posted by Lucky07
A 50-ish guy with a ponytail, in full 80's regalia. Pink helmet, pink puffy jacket. Bike was a 70's 5 speed (!) yellow Columbia road bike. Bars were turned upside down, of course. Fully rusted chain, gears & brakes. What looked like the original tires were almost flat and ragged to the extreme.
OMG! You have my odd sight beat hands down.

6 foot + in height
Old mountain bike significantly too small for her.
No helmet (not that that matters. More for illustration of the massive blonde hair swirling around her head)
The seat was jacked way up and the handlebars way down. She looked like she was attempting an imitation rode bike posture with a mountain bike. Plus, it seemed very uncomfortable.

Not that big of an oddity. More like it amused me for a few seconds.
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