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Originally Posted by Little Darwin View Post
Unfortunately, many bikes and brands that targeted casual riders don't have as much information available as the bikes targeted toward the enthusiasts of the time.

You can probably not find out a lot more about your bike than you can by looking at the labels and components yourself. The bike looks in great shape, so I think it is worth more than what you paid.

You might be able to get a good idea of the manufacturing year if you can find date codes on any components... assuming that the components are original.

What does the sticker on the seat tube say? I am guessing it probably says something like hi-tensile steel, since the bike is not a high end one. How does it ride?
The sticker only says "Built with pride in the USA" and below is the sticker with the serial number and the shop that sold the bicycke to the first owner.

As for how it rides I'm not sure how to answer, this is the first bicycle I've had in years, I'm not very experienced.

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