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How come you're carfree or carlight?

Originally Posted by Roody View Post
I'd love to hear from everybody, but especially those who are new or don't post very often.

Originally Posted by Machka View Post [Your Motivation For Becoming Car-Free or Car-Light]
Good answer, @Machka, even Roody replied to that.

For me:

Originally Posted by Jaywalk3r View Post
Health/fitness (physical and mental)
[strike]Low cost
Reduced carbon footprint[/strike]
Getting from here to there is generally more pleasant on a bike than in a car [especially in congested Boston].

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
I think of my commute in terms of satisfaction:

Cycling >>>>>Train>>>>>>>>>>>>>Driving,

But another dimension is time:
Driving>>>>>>>>>Train (scheduling)>>>>Cycling.

Then there’s Focus (concentration):
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