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Originally Posted by D1andonlyDman View Post
Also, can we assume you're talking about a supported ride - with a car/van to carry your luggage?
When I did the Italian and French Alps I just brought tools and food in a messenger bag and stayed in hostels/hotels, so I figured I'll just do that again. I'm going to be traveling elsewhere in Europe prior to this on a sailboat, which will mean I won't be able to bring much luggage anyway. I was thinking maybe I'll bring a super-light tent, but I wasn't planning on it.

Originally Posted by John Nolan View Post
I'm not clear: is there a reason it has to be this bike? It sure looks like a nice one, just not, perhaps, ideal for this purpose. You might want to get something you don't have to futz with.

Of course, and Cmaw suggests, if you know that this will work for you...
It doesn't have to be this bike necessarily, but it has to be something I can afford, that I can resell at not much loss (since shipping home is quite expensive), that can be delivered to my starting point by July 3rd, and that is the right size. From prior experience, renting a fairly low-end road bike for a couple of weeks costs roughly the same as buying a used bike (which can then be resold on eBay, although the De Rosa I bought turned out to be a catastrophe as you can see in pics in this thread). Bringing a new inner chainring and a different freewheel wouldn't be optimal but it's doable if I don't find a better option. This bike just happens to be available and fit the criteria (and it looks cool). It might be that a better option comes up but I don't want to wait too long and risk not finding something in time.

Originally Posted by randyjawa View Post
Is the rider capable of maintaining a fragile bike, like the one he has, on a long journey?
I can do simple maintenance like fix a chain, but if something goes wrong with the bottom bracket or hubs I will not be able to fix this on the road, you are right.
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