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I told my story once before. I inherited my father's car and 15 years later, it died on the street. I was unemployed at the time so the car was taken by the junker before it would start getting tickets. I felt real sad that day but it ended up being the best decision in my life.

I started using public transit but the internet was just starting to catch hold. I didn't really know much about bus routes other than maybe half a dozen. I never took commuter rail and only used some subway lines. All of that would change over the years.

My folding bike became my transportation vehicle and I biked everywhere. As I got older, I began to experiment by boading commuter trains with that bike.

The bicycle was what started my interest in public transit using different systems during the weekends. In the begining, I used the bicycle travel everywhere but now I'm more transit dependant than ever. Now with the internet, I have studied bus and rail routes all over New Jersey and New York state. It's amazing how the internet truly opened my eyes at all the destinations that can be reached by transit. Although it takes more time, I can travel for a fraction of what it cost to drive using my bus pass.

It does not make sense anymore to own a car.
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