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Originally Posted by Celika View Post
nobody ?... I know it's hard to give an objective opinion without seeing the bike for real, but don't some peoples here had a play in the hinge of them bike ? Do you continue to use it ?
I'm rather in trust about the solidity of the part I've made, it's the hinge which effraid me...
Thanks for your help
Good job on the repair!

It is hard to make a call that the repair is going to be good or not. The best you can do is start riding (suspect you have already done so) and form a view on how sturdy the frame is holding up especially over bumps and so on. If the frame is holding firm, I would not worry about it. The other thing is to monitor the clamp carefully to see if it will require periodic adjustment because it is coming loose. If so, maybe some Loctite to make the screw thread hold more secure would be a good thing.

In short, build confidence.
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