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How to Buy Bibs

I know there are a bunch of threads about bib shorts here, and they continue to pop up. After reviewing a bunch, I am still seeking some advice...

How should I go about buying by first pair of bibs? On-line or in a store? How much roughly should I spend?


I currently have one pair of shorts. I am doing a century in less then a month. I have noticed a little chaffing on my last two long rides (60+ and 70+ miles respectively). It is nothing bad, but I think riding another 1.5 to 2 hours would start to really get me. I am looking for another pair with more padding perhaps and I like the idea of bibs. I have noticed on long rides I am a lot more comfortable for a few miles after stopping to "hike" my shorts up. I think bibs will help avoid the need to do that.

I want to purchase soon so I have time to train in the new pair before the century. I am really not sure on how much I need to spend, but obviously want to limit my expenditure (for some reason I cannot stop spending money on biking!) Recommendations would be great. I would do on-line but I an concerned about fit... I have an average frame and wear large shorts, so I would assume I would get large bibs, but curious if the risks of buying on-line are worth it.


As a follow up discussion, what are your thoughts on chamois cream? I have never used it but I am thinking of trying it on my next couple training rides... I would not say I have a chaffing problem, but I could certainly be more comfortable after 40-50 miles then I am now, although I assume some discomfort is expected.

Thanks in advance!
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