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Originally Posted by concerned View Post
As for the original reason for roads being for bicycles, I contend that point by mentioning that roads have been around far longer than bicycles. When "traffic" on these roads got to be much too fast for pedestrians, they were moved to sidewalks to make way for the faster moving vehicles.
Not really. Pedestrians and cars used to co-exist. Pedestrians were driven off the road by an intentional "safety" campaign that fully intended to basically make cities unlivable by people without cars.

Originally Posted by concerned View Post
As for claims that I am a gas-guzzling climate-denier, I'll just point out that I commute by motorcycle most of the time. My motorcycle gets 45 miles per gallon.
Motorcycles pollute FAR FAR FAR more than cars do. MPG has very little to do with it. The tailpipe emissions on motorcycles is horrendous due to their lack of catalytic converters.

Originally Posted by concerned View Post
My main gripe is just with the folks that are joyriding on busy streets during rush hour.
How do you know why they're on the street? I sure as HECK wouldn't go out for a recreational ride during rush hour. I don't always have to have any luggage with me at all to get to work. I leave changes of clothes at work, and often food is provided at work or I'm going to buy something to eat there. I frequently go to work with nothing but a wallet on me.

Originally Posted by concerned View Post
For the overwhelming majority of commuters, motorized vehicles are the only viable option to get around. The sad truth (in light of the environment) is that bicycles make an already terrible situation even worse.
I don't buy it. I drive plenty, and cars hold me up FAR more than bicycles do. Next time you're stuck in traffic, realize that if half the people in the cars around you were riding bicycles, traffic would be flowing smoothly. A single car trying to turn left on a 2 lane road when there's on coming traffic will hold you up more than a hundred cyclists. Do you think that people should not be allowed to turn left? You can stand on any street anywhere and point to a car driver doing something that's inconveniencing other car drivers every 30 seconds.

You don't think of cars as holding you up, because you're in a car. But imagine if there were no cars at all on the road, then compare to the actual situation. Think that cars don't cause trouble?
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