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Originally Posted by vatdim View Post
Well, OP, to be fair, your point does come across as somewhat extreme here on BikeForums, but that's probably not your fault. Being both a driver and a cyclist, I have come across this mentality quite often, I know how most motorists like to oversimplify things and say "To hell with cyclists, blocking up traffic!". The fact of the matter is, ever since I started cycling more regularly, and on busier roads, I realized that bicycles almost never block traffic. Yes, cyclists in your way could make you decrease your speed and initiate a passing maneuver, after looking in the mirror and signalling. But that is the greatest amount of discomfort you could possibly sustain, attributable to a cyclist who is following standard vehicle laws. As others have already mentioned, a stopped car (whether to turn left, to attempt parallel parking or simply to drop someone off) will cause you to definitely stop, look for a greater gap in traffic and move inside the whole oncoming lane in order to proceed your journey. Since those occurrences seem much more frequent, is there any reason to despise cyclists more than drivers?

You mention that you ride an MTB and take pleasure in the sport. I salute you for that. But your explanation seems to indicate that you believe cycling as a whole to be a sport. Something many motorists would believe wholeheartedly. The truth is, the bicycle, although it can be used for all sorts of sporting events, such as downhill, track cycling, racing, etc., is first and foremost, a vehicle. One that you can use to get from point A to point B. Many people do not know that. For example, a motorcyclist friend of mine recently asked me on which side of the road cyclists were supposed to travel. He believed that they should travel on the left in right-hand drive traffic. His justification was that bicycles are somehow similar to pedestrians. This oversimplification is the result of car culture becoming so dominant that nobody even bothers to learn about the existence of something beyond motorized vehicles.

You see, it's not you, OP, that should be blamed for this animosity between many drivers and many cyclists. But it's not cyclists either. It's the establishment and the way people are taught from an early age that cycling is something done by children, athletes and homeless people. Unfortunately, I don't see that idea changing any time soon, because there really is no incentive for anyone to defend cyclists' right to using the public roads, except for cyclists themselves.
Read this.
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Well said, vatdim.
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