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Originally Posted by concerned View Post
My issue is that someone would cause traffic issues on busy roads because they just wanted to have fun. I doubt there's any law to prevent me from passing gas in a restaurant booth next to you, but if you found out I was ruining your dinner because I just enjoyed farting and believed I had a right to do so, you would probably be frustrated too. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.
Meh. My frustration would be minimal in both cases. Keeping to the topic of biking for recreation during rush hour, it is something I try and avoid. *shrug*

Rush hour automobiles slow me down when I'm commuting. You don't hear me cursing out the drivers. (Example: ) And they're delaying me for about 3 minutes! Drivers get annoyed by me on high speed roads when I delay them by 30 seconds.

As for the original reason for roads being for bicycles, I contend that point by mentioning that roads have been around far longer than bicycles. When "traffic" on these roads got to be much too fast for pedestrians, they were moved to sidewalks to make way for the faster moving vehicles.
They were? There are plenty of roads - the majority of them in my town - without sidewalks at all. Joggers sometimes like to run in the road even when there are sidewalks. And I would bet there were paths for walking even before roads instead of them being a creation after automobiles started to dominate...yup, seems so:

My main gripe is just with the folks that are joyriding on busy streets during rush hour. I yearn for the day where we in metro Atlanta have a more balanced transportation system as a whole, where mass transit is more viable and the sheer density of cars on the over-stressed roads is somehow alleviated. However, I doubt that will happen in my lifetime. For now, our traffic situation here (and in many other places in the country) just flat out sucks. For the overwhelming majority of commuters, motorized vehicles are the only viable option to get around. The sad truth (in light of the environment) is that bicycles make an already terrible situation even worse. Maybe the solution is more bike lanes. Is there an organization that works to promote the development of bike lanes?
Your rush hour must be not as bad as mine. In my rush hour, traffic slows below biking speeds and bicyclists don't delay me at all in my car. I don't think bikes are making rush hour traffic worse than other cars are.
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