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Originally Posted by puckalish View Post
Just had to drop a line...
When I first picked up my SS (well, flip-flop, but I still haven't tried out the fixed side yet), I had my doubts...
But, dang... I mean, this stallion has shown and proven time and again this Spring and Summer...

I realized that I can pretty well crush most of these $2k+ road bike riders with all their fancy gear on the tiny hills around NYC and if that ain't an ego boost, lol... I almost never miss those other gears (on straightaways or downhill, though... um... that said, given my capacity for judgment, it's probably best I stay under 40mph)...

But, really, I'm writing this post today because I just rode about 45 miles today going to visit my folks and, well... I'm still getting impressed by this ride. Numerous times, I thought I'd eat it because of how bad some of the roads are, but ya gotta love a steel frame. And, with just that one gear, I still made it out faster than it would've taken to take the subway to the commuter rail.

Anyways, I realize I should get some other stuff (padded underwear or cycling shorts for longer rides, panniers, proper pedals), but dang. 45 mi on my lil Bianchi San Jose with a bag on my back and I'm just really, really hungry. HUNGRY.

Not really a question or anything, just expressing my gratitude for simple little bike.

And in disbelief that I stayed away for SS and FG bikes for so long.
What bike did you get? It was a world of difference when I switched from a 98' Giant Rincon mountain bike to a SSFG. I'm sure the switch from any mountain bike to road bike would be huge but I've never felt lack of gears hold me back and it's just way more fun. I don't really have the need to have a bike to ride 400 miles on. And if that comes up I'll grab a Surly Crosscheck or something.
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