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Greetings from Cedar Rapids, Ia!

Well, it wants me to introduce myself, so here goes!

I'm 51, and disabled.
I fell off a 2 1/2 Story roof a while back and Broke my neck, Shattered my Ankle & Heel, Dislocated my Left Elbow and was Paralyzed for a Year & 1/2 as a Result.
After a year & a Half in the Hospital Bed, they finally performed Surgery on my Neck, & I woke up able to move again!
So for a couple years, I've been working hard to get my body back in shape.

Most everything I do is Volunteer for our Local 501(c)3 Non-Profit Org.
Everything we do is all Volunteer/Free!

I rebuild, recover, or repair Appliances, Furniture, Computers, & BICYCLES for free for a lot of our our Disabled, Elderly, needy, & homeless folks. All for Free.
I also do total home remodeling & repairs, as sort of a handyman...
All on a Volunteer Basis.

One of my projects has been to go to our Local Landfill, where you can pick out Bikes that have been dumped, and rescue them for Free!
There I pick out any that can be rescued, (some need a LOT), and rebuild them for the Folks I already mentioned.
Being ADHD, I have way to much energy to sit or Lay around, so I do what I can to stay Busy & Fit...
This is how I do it! By doing all of this Volunteer stuff. I LOVE helping folks, and those who really need it.

The only problems I have is that since I don't make much money myself now, (I did before I got hurt), Finding the money to buy or find Parts to Fix the Bikes I rescue can be challenging. So once in a While, when I find a Really Nice Bike, I'll sell it to help buy more Parts to keep building more Bikes.
It's one of those Non-Profit, 501(c)3 things.

So every now and then I may check in here to rack your Brains for info on rebuilding a Bike. Ha Ha!

When I do Bikes, I tear it down completely, Bearings, Chain, Gear changers(Derailleurs), Cables, Tubes, Tires, etc...
I'll fix or replace them if I have the Parts handy.
Otherwise, they stay in my Garage until I find the Parts, lol...

Well, that's about all for now.
Glad to be here, and hope to get to know some of you!

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