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Odd Loads and Your Solutions for Carrying Them

TLDR version here, ADHDers skip to the last paragraph.

So I am just starting to make local trips on my Trek 820 as I try to get into shape to start making my commute in the fall (right at 10 miles each way).

This morning I got up and started my morning routine only find that my brother-in-law drank all the milk last night! How am I supposed to have my MMM cereal blend without milk!? So I jumped on the bike and rode up to the local Aldi about 4 miles away. Got my milk and a few other things which seamed to fit in my backpack safely.

When I got home and unpacked, I found that most of my milk was fine. About a quarter cup leaked out through the sealed lid and there was a dent in the jug. I think my bony shoulder blade jammed into it at some point.

This got me to thinking: maybe the milk could have been strapped onto a rack? It could certainly work in a basket. Most of the panniers I've seen look like they would be too tight for a full gallon (maybe my eyes deceive me?)

ADHD Start Here:
What are some of the stranger cargo items you've hauled (or regularly haul) and how do you carry them? This might be oversized, fragile, or liquid loads. Please no trailers. I'd like ideas for picking things up on the way to/from work and there is no way I'm commuting with a trailer.

p.s. I tried searching and didn't find a thread like this. If it is a duplicate and I just used the wrong search terms I apologize in advance.
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