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I've started using powdered milk for most of my needs.

Whatever the generic brand is seems to be pretty good stuff, and I like it as good as regular milk, although I mainly use it in cooking.

Mine says "Village Farm by Sturm Foods".

According to this I get the equivalent of about 20 quarts (5 gallons) per box. Hmmm, it would seem like a little bit more, but that is a lot of milk to be carrying back and forth, and it never goes bad.

I wouldn't completely ignore the trailers. I've carried some loads that would be pretty awkward on any bicycle.

400 to 500 lbs on the trailer a couple of times.
10 foot stepladder.
12 foot 2x4
Lots of bulky and heavy items.
I've had a tandem bicycle as well as a cargo bike on my trailer (both not quite ready for a ride home).

Even if you don't have a big custom trailer, the little kid's trailers have quite a bit of capacity.

I do carry a lot in a backpack. I just find it convenient. However, there are bulky awkward items that I'll tie to the bike rack, for example spare bike wheels. I haven't been using my panniers around town lately, but they are good for extended trips.

And, no, my "road bike" may look bad enough with a rack.. it won't be shamed with baskets too.
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