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I also have a pair of Wald folding baskets on the rear rack of my comfort bike (and am waiting for them to get here for my new touring bike.) They are very convenient for shopping -- a large paper grocery bag fits comfortably in the basket. I also use them for going to the land fill with recyclables, but have to strap the garbage bag on top of the rack -- it's too big to fit into the Wald baskets. So my load is top-heavy on big garbage days, which makes for an unpleasant ride to the dump.
My only real dissatisfaction with the Wald baskets is that they have the worst imaginable latch to keep the baskets folded. Just don't use it and you'll be fine -- I keep the pair of baskets folded in place with a bungie cord. When I unfold either one or both of the Walds, the bungie helps secure the load. It's a much more sensible approach than that metal latch that you have to dynamite open and bends into a pretzel when you do. If you leave your wheels out in the weather (mine is out in rain and snow when I'm at work), you will need to periodically spray some WD-40 on the hinges to keep it folding and unfolding easily. Other than that, they are maintenance-free and built to last. With my new Trek 520, I looked at cloth bags that hang off the rear rack. They seemed very nice, and act as grocery bags when you're shopping. But I decided against them because I often decide on the spur of the moment to go shopping on my way home from work. The Walds can stay on my bike all the time, but the cloth bags would be stolen if I left them on the bike. FWIW
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