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Congratulations on your new Land Shark! It looks great. We probably should have let John go crazy on our paint and probably will if we get our frame repainted. The write up seems accurate from our perspective. Our reference tandem was a Co-Motion Supremo. The Land Shark is quicker, nimble, and more like a single bike. Still, for me, a single bike is way more twitchy after being on the tandem for a number of rides. The Land Shark rides like a Cervelo tandem would if Cervelo ever made one. It's definitely a racing style tandem like the others out there (Calfee, Paketa.)

I ordered our frame with a 130mm rear end so we can use regular road hubs. Our team weight is 250lbs and this has been fine. We used Dura-Ace 9000 hubs for the first couple of years and are using a Power Tap hub now. We've been using Dura Ace 11-sp Di2 and it has worked out well. We also have Lightning cranks. We started with a same side timing set up that John had run but switched back to left side timing after a couple of ugly chain suck experiences. The Land Shark's boom tube and over size top tube combo make it so I can't tell the difference between left or right side timing on our frame. John said our frame weighed 4lbs before paint.

I would have ordered disc brakes if an integrated Di2 hydraulic disc combo was available at the time. We have the Dura Ace 9000 rim brakes and Stan's Alpha 400 rims. The braking performance on these latest model Dura Ace brakes is pretty good but not like disc brakes. Our only brake fading is in wet weather which we avoid anyway.

We have Light Bicycle carbon rims on our mtb tandem and like them a lot so I can see where you are going with them. I wasn't aware that the 29er rims can handle road tire pressures. We run our Stan's Alpha 400 rims with tubeless tires and Maxis Padrone tires.
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