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Originally Posted by twocicle View Post
Handling feel can be tuned by choosing different fork rakes. Calfee's road standard was typically 45mm with the straight steerer non-disc, but then for a time moved to ENVE's 43mm tapered fork, which as I mentioned elsewhere is IMO a bit too slow turning. Both TRP (47mm) and Whisky (49mm version) disc forks will provide a quicker steering. What is your fork model & rake?
It is a Whiskey No. 9 (43 mm) according to the geometry chart provided; the bike has 57 mm of trail. I didn't get too heavy into the exact geometry with John. I figured he knows better than I do. I haven't ridden a lot of different tandem a bunch of miles, so maybe faster steering is possible.

Originally Posted by twocicle View Post
+1 on this question. Provide a link to those rim specs?
The rims aren't from Light Bicycle. They are from my preferred bike shop here in Portland. The shop imports them and call them their 'house brand'. As I noted they are hooked, so they can handle road pressures (up to 120 psi), similar to the older style ENVE XC rim. I run them at 90/95 and the contact patch seems to be about right at those pressures. Apparently the factory that makes them also supplies a bunch of midrange carbon (think $900 to $1600 for a wheelset) to other brands. I think that I am the first one to buy them for tandem use, but many others have used them for road applications before me. Reynolds makes a set of rims in the ATR that are similar, though a bit narrower.
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